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Diana Kloorfain

Post Story Producer, Say Yes To The Dress

Dave is a creative and collaborative editor. He makes music choices that are effective and enhance the scene. He's also great with story as he offers solid and constructive input. Dave works quickly to make deadlines but without sacrificing story or quality. In addition to being a fantastic editor, Dave is a great guy. He's a team player with a can-do, positive attitude, no matter how bad the notes are! He's an asset to any team he's on. I whole heartedly recommend Dave and I hope to work with him again.

Sam Erickson

VP, Head of Production, Arcade Creative Group at Sony Music

Dave Arnold is an accomplished editor and a great person to work with. In the years that I have known and worked

with him he has always delivered great content and done so with an even keel demeanor that really helps in tight

timelines and stressful situations. I recommend him highly to anyone who wants an editor skilled in doc storytelling

and live music editing. 


Mike Latshaw

Associate Creative Director at Code & Theory

David is a magician. We had 24 hours to edit a 6-minute long branded Jersey Shore episode. Not only did he

somehow bend the laws of time and space to get it done, the quality was phenomenal. The client couldn’t be

happier and neither could I. David’s the man!

Alison Sandler

Executive Producer/Director

Dave works lightening fast! He is a very independent worker who always gets the job done in a timely manner, and is

not afraid to put a touch of character in his pieces. Recommended highly!!

Cari Arkin-Hickler

Senior Producer, Events & Experiences at Google

Dave is a hard working and very creative Avid editor. I always know when I work on a project with him the end result

will be excellent and done on time.

Melissa Fornabaio

Producer, Writer, Director

Dave has been my go-to guy for the past three years at Fuse. He is quick, knows how to tell a story, and is amazing with

sound design. He knows all the right places to make music changes, add sound effects, visual effects, and really keeps a

show moving and entertaining. 
Dave is the type of editor who also can work alone. I've left him with papercuts, scripts, and direction and come back from

shoots always pleased with what he's done. He is also an excellent finisher- so if you're looking for a do-it-all guy he can

online and offline- color-correcting and mixing like a pro! 
Dave is professional, excellent at managing media and overseeing organizing a Unity project with other editors, and

communicating with technical staff when there are problems. 
He is friendly, creative, and great at collaborating with. I highly recommend him!

Mike Davis

Producer | Field Producer I Story Producer l Social Media Content Producer | Owner of Mike Davis Productions

Dave Arnold and I have worked together for many years on projects for MTV, VH1, Fuse and Spike. Dave is an extremely creative

and fast editor and would make a wonderful addition to any production. His skills in story telling, gfx, and overall show looks is an A+.

If you are looking for a cool under pressure, creative, fast, and all around nice guy to spend hours locked in an edit room, then

Dave Arnold is your man!

Moira Noriega

Senior Producer at Netflix

After working with David Arnold for 3 years, I was tainted to all other editors. David's ability to assess project needs, address

them and creative understanding always made it a joy to work with him. As a producer in his own right, his ability to grasp concept

and execute made him a wonderful asset to all of our production projects. He is the one that you want in the bunker with you when

the going gets tough and you know that your project will end up being the best it can be because of his involvement.

Rebecca Rock Haley

Executive Producer / Director of Original Content and Short Form Production

Dave is a fantastic editor and is my go-to choice. He's very fast, knowledgeable and creative. He makes sure every detail is

attended to and has worked above and beyond for me on every project. I highly recommend him for any job.


Bengt Anderson

Executive Producer National Geographic Channel

Dave came in to work with us last minute on a Spring Break show for MTV a few years ago. We were up against it for time and he came in,

made sense of our mountains of footage, gave it shape and his own strong editorial imprint. He was great to work with, efficient,

communicative and on top of it all not a bad dude to hang out with for a few late night edits. I highly recommend Dave.


Adam Abernathy

PRODUCER / WRITER / DIRECTOR Supervising Producer at

Quite simply, Dave Arnold is one of my favorite editors in our business. Trust me, you don't go out of your way to write a

recommendation for a gentleman you've spent a kajillion hours with in a windowless room. 
Hire Dave if you have the chance. 
He'll make your life better. 

Kristine Pregot

Post Supervisor at The 71st Annual Tony Awards

Dave is one of the fastest editors I have ever worked with. 
He always meets deadline, no matter what the time crunch. 
Dave is extremely tech savvy and a great problem solver. 
He is a fabulous long form editor with a great sense of musicality.

Kelly DeLace Perdomo

Vice President: Content, Sports, Entertainment and Partnership Marketing at Sirius XM Radio Inc.

Dave was a lifesaver on the first project we were able to collaborate on, coming in at the eleventh hour and a half, he worked fast

and had great instincts. He cut performance cameras really well and I look forward to working with him again.

John Cirabisi

TV/Film Professional

During the time we worked together at MTV, Dave grew from an assistant to a highly skilled editor in a very short time.

Since then he has become a seasoned expert. His attention to detail, and creative sensibility bring something special to the table

that you won't get from the average button pusher.

He always goes that extra yard to insure the project is the best it can be. You'll always have fun in the edit.

I highly recommend him.

Robin Held

Post Production Supervisor at Above Average

Dave is a creative, technically well versed and fast editor. Plus he's a great person to work with.

Cassandra M. Francavilla

Hire, train and develop Post talent & implement efficient workflows for on time & in spec MultiPlatform deliverables.

After 16 years in the business, working in several capacities with countless Editors across the country, Dave is one of the very few

that stands out to me. Not only is his creative and technical product superior, his profressionalism and enthusiasm are admirable.

Witnessing Dave be Editor and Producer turning crap footage into polished and engaging multi-platform content was always astounding.

I'm lucky to have had the honor to be a part of the same team as Dave for nearly 5 years.

Arthur Jones

Owner at Ari-Art LLC

Dave is a creative and great editor . He gets the Job done and he also hooks you up with Kobe Beef burgers on late night edits. LOL.

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